Cam Reflects On Career Thus Far And Thanks Fans While Preparing For Next Record

Staying true to herself. 

Cam took to Instagram to reflect back on her career so far and to thank her fans for everything that has happened in her career so far. “No matter what it looks like on social media, this music career is ALWAYS an unsure, humbling and endlessly fulfilling journey. Pretty much most days are shots in the dark. Trying hard to follow my gut while listening to people I trust, and then dancing around those random curveballs that no one ever sees coming. Heading into this second album, I hope you know how grateful I am for every up and every down, and that I’ve been surrounded by the best friends and fans through it all. All of it has made me a better human and musician. Here’s to more music and more time with you all,” her Instagram post read. Watch the video below. Cheers to her next record.

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