Tom O’Connor’s “Deserve” Featuring Luke Combs Will Be Your New Favorite Song

A need to know for you. 

Tom O’Connor is a hidden gem in Nashville  who is ready to be discovered with his debut EP Bad For You that released today. His raspy but smooth voice brings a comforting vibe to his songs. My favorite off the EP is “Deserve”, a duet with Luke Combs. Combs fans will definitely become fans of O’Connor because their voices mesh together so nicely and this song that the two of them wrote together along with Ray Fulcher is a smash. The entire EP just makes you think “this is just damn good country music”. This guy really proves he’s a hell of a song writer too, having written on all of the tracks. I really do love it when the artist has a hand in writing all of the music they put out. It makes it feel even more real. Tom O’Connor came in hot with this EP and you won’t want to sleep on this one. Check out a preview of the EP and “Deserve” featuring Luke Combs below and pick it up on iTunes here.

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