Luke Bryan’s Bonus Track “That Don’t Just Happen” Is A Beautiful Reminder For All

Some of the best country songs are often bonus tracks or unreleased songs that find their way into the depths of the internet. These songs may not have the broad appeal or “radio formula” so to speak but that doesn’t mean they can’t reach you in a deep and meaningful way.

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One of the reasons people fall in love with country music is its ability to speak to you on a very personal and genuine level. There is a song for anything you might be feeling, experiencing, or striving for.

“That Don’t Just Happen” was written by Luke Bryan several years ago, as the little known bonus track off of his hit album Tailgates and Tanlines. It makes us take a step back from our hustle and bustle of everyday life and admire how fortunate we are to be living, breathing, and thriving on this beautiful planet.

Take what you see on a TV screen
Throw it out the window and look
At how the sky is blue and the grass is green
And when the stars come out every night
That don’t just happen

No matter your religious/spiritual belief, this song reminds us how amazing life is. Spelling out one little miracle after another from “rocks banging together” to “two tiny cells colliding.” And who knows, for those of you who spent Valentines alone this year maybe there is another miracle on the way planned out in the form of a future wife or husband.

Someone picked you out
Put you in front of me
In a smoky college bar
The rest is history
That don’t just happen

A change in perspective can make all the difference.

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A beer bottle on a dock