4 Reasons Why ‘Wide Open’ Just Might Be Jason Aldean’s Greatest Album

There’s no doubt, Jason Aldean was destined to be a star the minute “Hicktown” hit the airwaves back in 2005. Over the past 12 year Jason has put out 7 fantastic albums, but there’s one that top to bottom stands a little higher than the rest: Wide Open. Here are my reasons why.

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It has songs that’ll get a party going.

“Crazy Town” and “She’s Country” are two seriously rocking songs. I’m the guy that tries to sneak as many country songs as possible into a pregame or party, and I know no matter what I can get everybody moving with “She’s Country”, even none country fans. Seriously, it’s almost like a secret weapon that always raises the bar. And if we’re being honest, I’ve jumped up on my kitchen counter and sang “Big Green Tractor” after a few beers more times than I’m really proud to admit.


Got some driving to do? Look no further.

There are some songs that just fit so well with making long drives. Every time I go back home from college, half of my drive is through the middle of nowhere, truly what you think of when someone says “flyover states.” It always feels so fitting listening to this whole album while diving through nothing but corn and small towns. It’s perfect driving music. But there’s two that I love driving to a little more than the rest, “Keep the Girl” and “This I Gotta See.”  Not only are they two of the most underrated Jason Aldean songs out there, but they also make a fantastic duo. For real, go listen to “Keep the Girl” and then “This Gotta See”, they fit perfectly. If I could only have one CD in my truck on a road trip, there’s a pretty good chance this is the one I would pick.

This album is PACKED with songs that are just real to life.

One of the greatest things about country music to me is how true to life and relatable it is. Whether you’re looking for some advice, or just want something that paints a perfect picture of whatever you’re going through, you’ll absolutely find it in a country song. If you’re in college like I am, and don’t really know what you’re doing in life or where you’re really going just yet, “Wide Open” will speak to you like no other. For everyone that’s had their life change from what they’ve always known, “Fast” is going hit your emotions pretty hard. “On My Highway” is the another one of those songs I’ll put on when I’m driving late at night and just clear my mind to. And then there’s one incredibly real life song that can’t be left off…

… The Truth.

I’ll start by saying this is one of the (if not the most absolutely clear cut) greatest songs to come out in my lifetime. “The Truth” alone would be enough for me to say Wide Open is Jason’s greatest album. I was a sophomore in high school when this song came out, and the first time I heard it I was hooked. This incredibly powerful mix of beauty and pain dug at me. I had no reason to relate to it, but I could still feel every cut from every word. Over the years the song has brought new meaning, the words cut even a little deeper, and I relate a lot more on a different level than I did 8 years ago. But that’s what separates good songs from the great songs, over time it takes a deeper meaning and grows with you. If you can’t tell, I seriously love this song. “The Truth” is country music at its absolute best.


So next time you’re looking to get Friday night going, taking on a road trip, or trying to find some truth in a song, Wide Open has it all for you. And even if Wide Open isn’t your favorite, I think we can all agree country music is damn lucky to have Jason in it.

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