New Dating App Makes You Call Your Matches, Sounds Horrifying

Nobody calls anyone anymore, we all know that.

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We get pissed if our mom calls us in 2017, let alone someone calling to casually chat (and he or she is a stranger). A new dating app called Hotline makes you CALL your matches.

Engadget said:

The mobile app requires that you have a 5-minute voice call with your prospective partner (thankfully, without using your phone number) before you can message them. It’s a scary concept if you’re shy or hate calls, but the hope is that you’ll quickly find out whether or not the real person is as interesting as their profile.

Am I the only one that sees my phone ringing and immediately thinks “what the fuck is this shit? WHO THE FUCK!?”

The app costs $9 a month, and is a great way to pick up on a person’s anxiety.

h/t PGP

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