Little Big Town Will Teach You A Thing Or Two About Living Life As “Happy People” In New Song

“Well life is short, love is rare, and we all deserve to be happy while we’re here.”

Little Big Town’s new album ‘The Breaker’ is set to release February 24th which can’t come soon enough. Songs like “Better Man,” “We Went To The Beach,” and now “Happy People” have already released for a sneak peak from the album.

“Happy People” is all about building a life motto though. This part of the song is by far where it speaks loudest to me personally…

“Happy people don’t fail
Happy people just learn
Don’t think that we’re above the push and shove
We just wait their turn
They always got a hand
Or a dollar to spare
Know the golden rule what you’re goin’ through
Even if it never been there.”

That right there is what my dad always tried teaching me and my sisters growing up. Learn your lessons, stay humble, help others in need, and put yourself in others shoes before judging them. You can learn a lot through this song and create the ultimate motto for the year. Listen up.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock