Cierra Louise’s “If I Never Knew You” Describes The Love You Just Can’t Live Without

Ever had that one person just can’t live with but also can’t live without? Cierra Louise knows all about it. As the hottest track off of her EP Southern State of Mind, “If I Never Knew You” takes us through the highs and lows of needing someone more than you ever thought was possible.

“Boy you drive me insane but it wouldn’t be the same, ’cause id be running baby, I’d be going crazy, I’d be running, if I never knew you.”

According to Cierra, the song is, about “the person that you just love and can’t live without but they drive you absolutely crazy and you realize that if you weren’t with them your life would be completely empty.”

Sound familiar?

Listen to her full EP here, and watch her debut music video below. The girl is going places.

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