We Need To Talk About Tucker Beathard’s “Faithful”

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I’ve said it here on Whiskey Riff before, (and more than a few times before that), that I really hate the way our generation treats dating and relationships. We have a backwards mindset where being with one person and one person only is some kind of hilarious joke and a giant waste of time.

For reasons I’ll never understand, we’re afraid of commitment and all the happiness and satisfaction that can come with it. Since this ideology has become the norm, we’ve turned into a generation that refuses to trust anyone but ourselves.

This leaves us tip toeing our way into and around promising relationships instead of diving into them head first and refusing to look back, ignoring whatever the rest of the world thinks. We care too much, just not about the right things.

In this world of hook-up culture, it’s easy to feel like an outlier when your definition of dating doesn’t fit the social norm. It doesn’t help when the media is constantly shoving these ideas of “being a bad b*tch” instead of a good woman or a “player” instead of a gentlemen down our throats.

So when I heard Tucker Beathard’s “Faithful”, it was like a giant breath of fresh air. He spells it all out for people like us with a song full of heartfelt lyrics drawn out over moody riffs of electric guitar.

“But hey you, let’s do what everybody swears is just too hard to. Yeah I say, we lay It all out on the table. If you’re with me and girl, I’m able, let’s be faithful.”

It’s sad to think that being faithful is a concept that goes against the grain. Honestly just let that sink in for a minute. No wonder our marriages are failing and dating is such a taboo choice.

As one YouTube commenter so accurately put it, “Being an old fashioned romantic in a hook up culture is a whole new kind of hell..”

Thankfully, we’ve got artists like Beathard fighting back against the people who say “it can’t be done”.

Yes it can people, and it absolutely should be.

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A beer bottle on a dock