Waffle House Offering Candle Lit V-Day Dinner Reservations Because Why The Hell Not

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Waffle House is back at it again, making me fall in love with them. As if they weren’t great enough for their 24 hour breakfast menu and amazing All-Star Special, they’re making me fall even harder with their Valentine’s Day date night.

At select locations, down to earth lovers can reserve a candle lit booth for a fun, cheap and relaxed V-Day date. I mean really, does anything say I love you more than fluffy waffles smothered in butter and drowning in maple syrup. No. Well, maybe a heaping plate of bacon. That would probably do the trick to.

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Skip the fancy restaurants and overpriced dinners. WaHo is even throwing in a specialty steak dinner on the menu in addition to their classic favorites.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a reservation to make.

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