Bottoms Up: Whiskey Riff’s Official Super Bowl LI Drinking Game

Good luck. 

To me, watching sports and drinking pretty much goes hand in hand. The Patriots and Falcons are about to take each other on during sports’ biggest night.

Whether you’re going to a big gathering, a bar, or a casual viewing party with the buddies, a little drinking game action is a must. We’ve made it easy for you and provided you with Whiskey Riff’s official Super Bowl LI drinking game. Good luck…

A person holding a trophy

Take a drink every time…

  1. Luke Bryan’s national anthem gives you chills.

  2. An alcohol-related commercial comes on.

  3. Trump is mentioned. Good luck.

  4. You say “aww” during the Puppy Bowl.

  5. Someone mentions “Deflategate” or Brady’s suspension.

  6. Lady Gaga’s performance makes you say “WTF.”

  7. Your team scores a TD.

  8. Your least favorite team scores a TD, take two.

  9. An announcer makes a corny/punny joke that makes you cringe.

  10. Erin Andrews comes on TV, hello gorgeous.

  11. You see a fan in the stands taking a selfie.

  12. You hear a football term you don’t understand. WTF is a “flea flicker?”

  13. Tom Brady gets sacked. Hehe.

  14. You realize how much these players get paid and start to tear up a little bit.

  15. You consider calling in “sick” for work on Monday.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock