Drew Dixon Reminds Us That You Can’t Fake The Blues

It was thoughtful of whichever angels distribute voices among generations to hold this one in the vault. Drew Dixon has a vintage sound that stands to bless 2017’s ears. His voice is pure startling soul with a built-in record scratch that will hit you in the spine. Heavy on the groove in songs like “Working,” other cuts (“Dead Man”) show a dark side—half Delta blues, half Southern Gothic.

Drew recently released an acoustic version of a new song—”Madam D’s.”

“’Madam D’s’ has been one of my favorite songs to create.” Drew says of the process. “I think that’s what I love the most, that you can listen to the song and see this place, these people. Ty Graham (co-writer) was a massive contributor to the imagery in the lyrics, and that’s the type of songwriting I love.”

Check out his acoustic version of “Madam D’s”; the fully produced version will be released in February.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock