Meet The Cast of New Southern Reality Show ‘On The Rocks’

A sneak peek exclusively on Whiskey Riff. 

A few weeks back Whiskey Riff got the exclusive on a new reality show being shot in Remerton, GA called ‘On the Rocks’ (check that out here). The show was in it’s very early stages when we first interviewed the star Heath Cox, but since then it has finished filming and is in the next stages of getting a show ready for TV.  The show gives a look behind the curtain to what it’s like to work in the bar industry by  Heath and his eclectic bar staff’s stressful, unpredictable, but good times.

The first bar, Bluewater Saloon, is a bustling, down-home live music venue that is a staple for all types of musicians.  Legendary country acts have had their start on this stage over the years.  When Heath isn’t at the Saloon, Cody runs the show along with new recruit Bobby.  Cody is a bar veteran through and through. She runs a tight ship and does it all by the book. She hates curve balls but, can’t seem to avoid them.  Bobby, a wild card raised in California,  has come to Remerton to experience all the great things the South has to offer.

Only two doors down from Bluewater Saloon, you will find Milltown Groove.  Milltown is considered to be the universal dance, club, and DJ bar of Remerton.  It’s consistent bookings of popular DJs makes this establishment one of the most exciting and diverse bars in the town.  Heath’s long time friend Sonny runs this hot spot along with his two head bartenders Robert and Amber.  Sonny has been gunning for Heath’s job since day one.  He’s always coming up with new, unique, and crazy antics to bring new crowds into the bar.  While it might seem like he often hurts more than he helps, he always has the bars best interests in mind. Robert is Sonny’s second. He is quite level headed, but is always down with Sonny’s plans just to see how far they can go and where they end up. Amber is the charismatic bartender who’s certainly not afraid to speak her mind.  Amber often clashes with Sonny and calls him out on his dumb ideas. She’s infamous for being full of fire and a take no shit kind of girl.

At the end of the strip (but certainly not least), we have Flip Flops. The bar where Greek life thrives.  If you’re looking for the perfect establishment for your fraternity or sorority to go out and have the classic, enduring college nights that we all love, this is the spot.  Karla is the woman in charge here with help from her bartenders Mariena and Jake.  Considered to be the mom of the group, Karla has been working in the bar industry and knows all the ins and outs. She’s always there to lend a helping hand, but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness, she is not someone you do not want to be on the wrong side of. Under Karla is Mariena.  Being one of the younger bartenders, Mariena is a free spirit full of life and love. She’ll never turn down a prank war or outlandish bet.  The last bartender at Flip Flops is Jake. His philosophy is no drama, no worries. He does his best to stay out of the drama, but being the ladies man he is, drama usually always finds him.

Aside from the bar staff, one of the most hilarious and lovable cast members is B.T.  B.T. is Heath’s right hand man and best friend.  Standing at a staggering 6”8 and 360 lbs, B.T. is the definition gentle giant.  Then the man himself that keeps this crazy ball rolling, Heath Cox, the glue that keeps this bar family together.  Heath has been through the ringer and knows a worth while employee when he sees one.  Heath is the kind of guy that not only appreciates loyalty and handwork, but it’s what he lives by. 

I spent some time down in Remerton while the tv show was recording at Bluewater Saloon. I can’t tell you the artist that played yet, but trust me, if you’re a fan of any of the artists Whiskey Riff covers, you’ll be more than excited.  The cast for ‘On the Rocks’ is crazy and unpredictable but an inseparable group that acts more like a family of friends than a bar staff.  The cast, crew, and artists had quite an unforgettable time with their crazy adventures and I’m excited for everyone around the country to see what’s been happening under the radar down in South Georgia. We’ll be back soon with more so stay tuned. 

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