15 Things Girls With Standards Are Done Dealing With

It shouldn’t really be a question whether or not you have standards… I hope it’s a given that you do.

If for whatever reason you don’t, really think about setting some. You deserve the best and I doubt you’re getting that if you have a take what you can get mentality.

If you’re a girl with standards I bet you’re done dealing with…

1. Flakey guys.

2. Empty promises.

3. Any kind of lie- big or small.

4. Laziness.

5. Texting being the central piece of the relationship.

6. Immaturity. Grow up.

7. Cocky guys.

8. Being runner-up to everything else. She should be a priority.

9. Silence when trouble comes.

10. Lack of communication in general.

11. The text “come thru”…NO.

12. Being controlled.

13. Mixed signals.

14. Lack of values.

15. Bullsh*t.

Just quit it. She knows what she wants and it’s definitely not you if any of these describe you. Keep your standards high ladies.

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