New Tostitos Bag Can Tell If You’re Too Drunk To Drive, Will Call You An Uber

With the Super Bowl around the corner, companies are pulling out all the stops to stand out. Look no further than Tostitos. This bag of chips can now tell you if you should, or shouldn’t, be driving because of booze.

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From The Verge:

Created in partnership with creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the Tostitos Party Bag is outfitted with sensors to detect alcohol on a person’s breath. If you’re in the clear, the bag turns green and you’re free to go about your night. If alcohol is detected, the bag turns red with the message, “Don’t drink and drive,” and offers a $10 Uber credit for a discounted ride home. It’s even got near-field communication technology that lets you tap your phone to the bag to hail the ride, if you’re that blasted.

Let’s be clear: this bag is not a breathalyzer. It does not tell you what your estimated blood alcohol content levels are or know how much you’ve had to drink, and only detects whether any trace of alcohol exists at all.

Uh…..what. I  know I shouldn’t be driving when I drink, you know, like when you can’t see? When you’re 8 shots of well tequila deep and forget your worries? Don’t drink and drive is my point. At all.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock