Guys Like Me Drink Too Many Beers…And I’m Proud Of It

What happened to guys like me? I’m not necessarily talking about the Eric Church song itself, but more so what the song speaks to.

Look, I know many country folks out there won’t accept the fact you can be country and live in a big city. I’m here to say you can, and there are millions of us that do. Most move to a big city, they aren’t born there – something people seem to forget. So there’s that.

I want to talk about the guys that stick to their guns, and don’t change. The guys that drink too many beers on Friday after work, because we want to, and we need to sometimes. The guys that don’t let money change them. I’m here to tell you that no matter how much money I have in my pocket, I’m always going to love a perfectly cold Coors, Bud, Miller, etc. The simplicity of that is a beautiful thing, and one all too many “men” out there do away with.

A person holding a trophy

I don’t like to fight, but I ain’t scared to bleed. This has gotten me in trouble at times, as I know it has many of you, but that’s good. You know the worst kinda guy? It’s the guy that’s never been punched in the mouth. If you have, you know it’s a humbling experience. A good quality ass-kicking is something everyone needs to experience in order to be your best self.

I hate tucking my shirt in. I’m rough around the edges, until you get to know me. Somehow, we find girls out there that like us for all these things, to our surprise. But let’s be honest, take a stroll in any medium sized town, big city, and you’ll see men out there walking to work in a suit with New Balance tennis shoes, a $6 coffee, and not an hour spent doing hard physical work in their life. I mean hard work.

Sure, I sit behind a computer now for work, but that’s not how I started. I started growing up in Indiana, my dad making me shingle garages at age 8, baby sitting myself at age 9, and changing the oil at age 10. That’s me, and that’s many of you. Take that, and realize it taught you a shitload, and most importantly, appreciate it. Guys like us are a rare breed.

‘Cause guys like me drink too many beers on Friday after work…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock