You’ll Love The Real Reason Eric & Tami Taylor Were The Greatest Couple Ever

Eric and Tami Taylor are the epitome of relationship goals.

Even though the Friday Light Night stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton played a fictional couple on TV, they were taking their roles seriously, especially when it came to infidelity.

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Connie explained to Entertainment Weekly:

“There was so much passion about these characters that we were playing and this world that we were creating. We felt very strongly about the things that we felt strongly about.”

From the very beginning, Britton and Chandler discussed how they wanted to play this small-town marriage, and one of their biggest decisions was about being faithful. “We were like, ‘We’re never letting the writers have us have an affair. If they try to do it, we’re not going to do it.’ And we told them so,” Britton says, recognizing it can be difficult for writers to craft a marriage without any major conflict.

“What we thought would be really interesting and what we thought this would be the perfect format for on the show was to actually show what most couples go through which is just trying to be partners to each other and get through the day,” Britton continues. “They need each other and they also really love each other.”

At the end of the day, Britton says it was about creating a partnership. “This is a show about very simple people trying to get through their life in a way that feels valuable and meaningful. So we decided these two people were going to be partners to each other in that.”

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

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