The Incredibly Talented Charlie Worsham Announces New Album & I’m Losing My Mind

I’ve been waiting a long time for new music from Charlie Worsham. The wait is finally over.

If you’re not familiar with Charlie Worsham, he is one of the most ridiculously talented (and one of the nicest) people in Nashville. Seriously, go see him perform anywhere if you get the chance. His debut album, Rubberband, was released 4 years ago and although I wore out the repeat button on that album, it’s been quite the painful waiting game ever since.

His upcoming project, Beginning of Things, is set to drop on April 21st and I’ll be the first to tell you to mark that on your calendar ASAP. You won’t regret it.

Until then, enjoy a new track from the album called “Old Time’s Sake.”

Beginning of Things track listing:

1. Pants (Jeff Hyde)
2. Please People Please (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell)
3. Southern By The Grace of God (Charlie Worsham, Luke Dick, Shane McAnally)
4. Call You Up (Abe Stoklasa, Daniel Tashien)
5. Lawn Chair Don’t Care (Charlie Worsham, Brent Cobb, Ryan Tyndell)
6. Only Way To Fly (Charlie Worsham, Brent Cobb, Ryan Tyndell)
7. Old Time’s Sake (Charlie Worsham, Jeremy Spillman, Brent Cobb)
8. Cut Your Groove (Charlie Worsham, Oscar Charles)
9. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Billy Montana)
10. The Beginning Of Things (Abe Stoklasa, Donovan Woods)
11. Birthday Suit (Luke Dick, Jason Lehning)
12. I-55 (Charlie Worsham, Ben Hayslip)
13. Take Me Drunk (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Steve Bogard)

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock