Guy Comes Up With “Speak Out” Game Proposal And I’m In Tears

The game that can bring tears for more than one reason.

This ‘Speak Out’ game has hit the world by storm. It’s the new game that is now in every family game closet, and especially mine. I’ve played this with friends, my family at Christmas, and even just watched funny videos of other people playing it. If you’ve never played, you definitely should. Not only will it bring tears to your eyes, but also tears to the other people in the room playing.

For this young man, he brought the tears for a different reason. When he was playing, he made up his own card that read, “will you honor me by becoming my wife?” It takes her a few minutes to get it all, but when she does it’s instant chills. 10/10 on the surprise factor for sure.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock