7 Things You Can Do With Leftover Mason Jars To Add A Country Look In Your Home

Mason jars are the perfect decoration to add some country in your house.

Decorating a house can be hard. Especially if you’re balling on a budget. That’s why using leftover mason jars can be an affordable but cute way to decorate your home.

There are a lot more ways to use mason jars other than canning and drinking from them. Get creative, invite the girls over, and throw a mason jar decorating party to make it fun. You’ll have the best country cute house without spending a fortune.

Check out these 7 things you can do with leftover mason jars to add a country look to your home.

1. Add some storage to the bathroom.

2. Or add storage in your kitchen.

3. Light up the room.

4. Plant some seeds.

5. Stay organized.

6. Save up.

7. Just to add some simple décor.

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