The Ford Bronco Is Returning In 2020

The classic Ford Bronco is making a comeback, set to return in 2020.

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According to AutoBlog, here’s what we know:

The new Bronco is coming in 2020 as one of four (or is it five now?) new utilities Ford plans to add to its lineup. It will be built alongside the Ford Ranger, which is returning to the US market for 2019, at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

The last Bronco built was a 1996 model, and was based on the F-150 pickup. A certain infamous car chase made a white one pretty darn famous. Ford also sold a Ranger-based Bronco II from 1983 to 1990.

That cool bucking bronco logo will return. Ford is already using it to tease the new model.
Folks are really, really excited about the Bronco’s comeback.

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The automaker’s chief designer, Moray Callum, is a vintage car enthusiast, and these days he’s cruising around in a black 1976 Bronco SUV. He bought it from an employee at Ford’s former Wixom Assembly Plant and says that, out of all the old cars he owns, it’s his wife’s favorite.

Callum said he loves the simplicity of the original body style and likes how high up passengers sit in the cabin.

“It’s very inspirational,” he said.

Whether or not some of the vehicle’s original features make it into the next model, set to debut in 2020, remains to be seen.

h/t AutoWeek

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