Turn An Old Guitar Into A Shelf With This Surprisingly Simple DIY

This is for all of you crafty music lovers, I know you’re out there. If you have ever seen a shelf made out of a guitar, I’m sure you loved it. Why spend big bucks on one when you could do it yourself?

It’s a lot easier than it looks…

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What you’ll need:

  • an acoustic guitar (obviously)
  • 1/4 inch thick wooden planks
  • wood glue, clamps, hand saw, drill, and screws.

6 easy steps:

  1. You’re going to need to remove the strings from the guitar. You can do that by loosening the tuning machine and plucking the prongs out.
  2. Next, you’re going to have to take the face off of the guitar. It is smart to clamp the guitar down to a table while you use a hand saw to cut into the side of the guitar, about 1/8 inch below the face. After cutting it completely, you can use a screwdriver to pry the face off.
  3. A kitchen with a sink and a toaster ovenNow it is time to cut the shelves. Measure the inside of the guitar (width and depth) and cut accordingly based on where you’d like the shelves to go.
  4. Use wood glue to attach the shelves to your desired location and let the guitar sit for several hours.
  5. After the glue has completely dried, use a drill to secure the shelves from the outside of the guitar for extra strength.
  6. The rest is up to you! Sand the guitar down, paint it, stain it, whatever you’d like!

That wasn’t too hard was it? Send us at picture on Twitter at @WhiskeyRiff when you finish yours!

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