3 Sad Truths To “Unlove You” By Jennifer Nettles


Literally everything. You try to forget the past, the present, and the dreams you had for the future. No matter how hard you try to forget, you simply can’t do it. It’s a different kind of heartbreak that only some people have to go through. Here’s what makes unloving someone so dang hard.

1. The memories of the past.

You remember the first kiss like it was yesterday. The smell of sand and spring break in the air with the hot wooden deck on your back under a cowboy hat- those are the kind of memories that are hard to forget.

2. The way it ended.

There are so many “what ifs” running through your mind. You’re constantly questioning how you handled everything. You question every single thing you did and you’re always wondering what you could’ve changed to make it work.

3. You know this isn’t how it ends.

No matter what has happened, you know this isn’t the end. Something makes you want to hold on to what could be even if you feel like it’s hurting you now. It kind of sucks but you just can’t unlove them.

“They call it fire. But it feels just like drowning.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock