13 Songs For Every Guy That Has Outkicked His Coverage

Ever fallen for that girl that is so far out of your league it’s not even funny? And then by some grace of God, that you’ll never be able to explain, you actually manage to land her? You’ve 110% out-kicked your coverage. Everyone around you can see it. Your friends probably make jokes about it. But you know you’ve won because you got the girl you never imagined having in a million years. If this is all pretty familiarly, here are 13 songs you’ll relate to pretty well.

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“A Guy With a Girl” – Blake Shelton

This song is all over country radio right now. So much so I almost felt like leaving it off, but it’s just too spot on to do that. Would anyone ever really mind being that guy with a girl everybody wants to know?

“Put Me In a Box” – Justin Moore

Ever have that girl that stops you right in your tracks every time you see her? Justin knows it, and he brings the term “drop dead gorgeous” to life with this one.

“White Lightning” – The Cadillac Three

Everyone talks about Thomas Rhett and Lauren, but Jaren and Evyn seriously need to be in the discussion for the definition of “goals”.

“Baby’s On The Way” – Luke Bryan

Who would have guessed even Luke has had that “I’m in over my head” feeling while waiting on a girl?

“Stars” – Cole Swindell

Cole gets life better than almost anyone. Sometimes you get a night where the stars line up just right and everything goes more perfect than you could have dreamed.

“Blue Clear Sky” – George Strait

First off, this song came out in 1996. (No, seriously it did. Feel old?) But it’s still as great today as it was 20 years ago, few other songs will automatically brighten your day like this one. Further proof The King will always be timeless.

“Shut Me Up” – Old Dominion

This song is fully me. Once I get something on my mind, I’m going to talk about it until everyone, including myself, is sick of my voice.

“Cold Beer” – Cole Taylor

She’s from the city, you’re from the sticks. She takes the highway, you like backroads. She’s red wine, you’re cold beer. You’re complete opposites, and it honestly couldn’t be any better.

“Soon As You Can” – Dierks Bentley

This is a fully prime example of why Dierks has been one of the best in the business for so long, even his that didn’t land on the radio are classics.

“Sittin’ Pretty” – Dustin Lynch

Fun fact: Even though it came out in 2012, this was my most played song of 2016 according to Spotify. It’s kinda hard to believe there’s a girl out there that’s out of Dustin Lynch’s league though.

“Drivin’ All Night” – Jake Owen

Michael Ray recorded a version of “Drivin’ All Night” too. But no matter which version you listen to, this song is gold. Sometimes you just have to throw some Steve Earle on the speakers, put the pedal to the metal, and get to where you really need to be.

“Gimmie a Red Light” – Dylan Schneider

You know it was a great night when you should be heading home, but you just don’t want it to end just yet. So you’re doing everything you can, taking the long way, and praying for a traffic jam.
I find it so hard to believe Dylan is only 17, because he’s talented way beyond his years. You’re looking at (and listening to) one of the futures brightness country stars.

“WD-40” – Muscadine Bloodline

As I’m putting this list together I kept feeling like something was seriously missing. Then “WD-40” popped up on someone’s Snap Story (shout-out to J.D. Groover), and I was instantly mad that I almost left this off of here. These boys are the real deal. If you aren’t listening to this song 20 times, I’ll give you a quick chance to change that.

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A beer bottle on a dock