22 “Country” Things Folks Up North Do

I’m from Indiana, Northern Indiana to be exact.

I saw it all, being close to Chicago gave me a look into what big city life was like, but I grew up doing “country” things.

If you call yourself “country” and hail from the North, Midwest, East Coast, West Coast follow along. Here are 22 “country” things we do…

We drive tractors.

We have way too many beers, when we are way too underage.

We work hard.

We prefer the outdoors.

We hunt.

We go to church.

We get in fights.

We have family traditions.

We listen to country music, old and new.

We look out for our neighbor.

We go fishing.

We drive trucks.

We light shit on fire.

We go to country concerts, big and small.

We hung out and caused trouble in Walmart parking lots.

We ran from the cops.

We make our own booze.

We live life to the fullest.

If we break it, we fix it.

We love that Red, White, and Blue.

We support the troops.

We fight hard for what we believe in.

I think you get the gist of this post. My buddy from Alabama did all the same shit growing up as I did. Country is country, it’s not a geographic dot on a map. Me doing more of one thing or another makes me no more country than him, nor do my surroundings as a kid. Whether it was a suburb, a small town, a big town, or anything in between, let the country in you live the best way you know how.

My dad picked me up from elementary school with Alan Jackson on the radio. My friend’s dad was more of a Strait fan. Who’s more country? Who cares. 

Whiskey Riff is the most entertaining country site…ever.