Whiskey Riff’s Official ‘Bachelor’ Nick Drinking Game

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I’m already stretching in preparation. Join us.

I know the ladies like to knock back a couple four bottles of rosé while watching so I figured we’d play a little game. The OFFICIAL Whiskey Riff Bachelor Nick drinking game.

The rules are simple…you take a drink when any of the following happens.

Drink any time Nick mumbles.

Drink any time Nick talks without moving his mouth.

Drink any time Corrine pisses you off.

Drink any time Corrine says something about being a business owner and it makes you want to die.

Drink any time you see a girl and say “who is she, where did she come from?”

Drink any time someone says “family is important to me.”

Drink any time Nick says he’s “serious” about finding love on his 14th reality show.

Drink any time you say “she should be the next Bachelorette.”

Drink any time you call Nick a “douche.”

Drink when Chris Harrison appears.

Drink when Chris Harrison disappears.

Drink when someone else on the show drinks.

Drink any time Nick talks to a girl without making eye contact (it’s a lot).

Drink when Chris Harrison says it’s the final rose of the night and “when you’re ready.”

Drink any time Nick talks with his hand on his mouth.

Cheers, and be safe, don’t black out to quickly. 

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