There’s Now A Beer Specifically Designed For The Shower, And I’m Weeping

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You know how much we love shower beers here.

Hell, I can even take some credit for getting the craze out there in the media world with this post a couple years back – almost 1 Million shares on Facebook. 

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What was the only problem with shower beers? They got warm quickly. Thankfully, Swedish brewery Pangpang and creative agency Snask are here to change all that. The two have collaborated to create Shower Beer: a brew specifically made to be consumed in the shower.

The beer is only 6oz, designed to be finished in a few gulps, but is 10% ABV – so it pack a bigger punch than most beers to make up for the smaller size. Equal buzz, less liquid, stays cold.

While the brewery says “the first batch sold out instantly at the release party,” a second batch is currently in the works. So you might want to start cranking up that hot water right about now.

Cheers, ya’ll.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock