Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Is So Much Better Than Starbucks It’s Stupid

As I type this, I am sitting in a Starbucks, working, browsing the web.

I’m drinking a coffee, but I am not enjoying it all that much. The coffee tastes like someone microwaved an old Chevy tire, then mixed it with burnt hair, and served it to me in liquid form.

Let’s be real though, nobody wants to work in Dunkin’ Donuts. It doesn’t have that vibe, and it gets more bums wandering in.

I go to Starbucks to get shit done, but I drink melted tire while I am there. Maybe you heard the famous quote, “Starbucks tastes like a homeless man’s toe.” A few days ago, I stopped in Dunkin’ for a coffee, a large was like 50 cents cheaper than a medium (grande?), and it tasted like a Colombian man hand ground the coffee, took a jet to personally deliver it to DD, brewed it, and served it.  It was so much fucking better than the coffee I had at Starbucks.

If you have ever had a debate about who has better coffee – Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts – let me settle the score. It’s not even close.

* PLUS, you can get a donut.

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