The Top 5 Songs From Miranda Lambert’s New Album That Will Rip Your Heart Out

I haven’t heard an album that will get after the heart like Miranda’s new one in quite some time.

Her new album, The Weight Of These Wings, is exactly that, weighty. Tackling real life heartbreak, coping and healing, Miranda’s introspective 24 track masterpiece is just as brilliant as it is heartbreaking, and with that many songs, we had plenty of moments that ripped our hearts to pieces.

Here’s our top 5:

5. “Pushin’ Time”

“Are we fools for rushing in? / ‘Cause already dread the end / Lonely ain’t no place to start / I guess that’s just where we are.”

4. “To Learn Her”

“To love her is to lose her / Hey, that’s just how it works / To love her is to learn her / Some things you just can’t learn.”

3. “Things That Break”

“I’m hard on things that matter / Hold a heart so tight it shatters / So I stay away from things that break.”

2. “Use My Heart”

“I don’t give two shits no more or so I say / It wouldn’t make a difference to you anyway / That thought of loving you just makes me sick / I don’t have the nerve to use my heart.”

1. “Tin Man”

“Everytime you’re feeling empty / Better thank your lucky stars / If you ever felt one breaking / You’d never want a heart.”

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