Jason Aldean’s “Gonna Know We Were Here” Should Be Every Student’s Anthem

A night out my freshmen year in a nutshell…

I’d go to the pregame, I’d go to the scheduled party, then the best part would be going to my friend, Michael’s house and jamming to country music until the crack of dawn. I will never forget when I was a freshman and Michael was a junior, Jason Aldean’s “Gonna Know We Were Here” came on. It hit me at that moment that the four years I had ahead of me and the two remaining in front of Michael were going to fly by. I looked at him and his friend and said, “Damn right. They’re gonna know we were here.”

That moment seems like just yesterday. Now Michael and his friends are all graduated, but they sure as hell left their mark at Purdue. The place won’t ever be the same. If you’re still in college living it up, listen to this banger and remember to take every moment in and leave your mark wherever life takes you.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock