Jennifer Nettles’ “Unlove You” Speaks To Those Who Just Can’t Ever Let Go Of That One

Is there a song country music hasn’t made for any type of feeling?

Jennifer Nettles performs her heart wrenching song “Unlove You” at the Grand Ole Opry and it’s nothing short of amazing. Literally chills down the arms, legs, spine, and anything else you can think of.

“Unlove You” is one of those songs that will stick with you if you’ve ever had a hard time letting someone go. Jennifer Nettles couldn’t have said it better herself when she said…

“Sometimes people will make fun of country music, and they will say ‘oh country music is about your dog dying, and your truck breaking down, and your wife leaving ya’. Well there’s a little kernel truth to that stereotype, but what I believe that is what country music does better than any other genre is celebrate brokenness and celebrate realness in a way sometimes we need to hear in order to heal.” 

She then goes on to tell us the song she is going to be performing,”Unlove You,” is exactly one of those songs from country music, and I couldn’t agree more.

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