35 Differences Between A Boy And A Man


When you first meet a guy it’s hard to determine if he’s ‘just another boy’ or if he’s the real deal, a man.

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Even though it’s hard to tell at first, soon through his words and the way he treats you you’ll be able to figure out if he’s a man worthy of your love or just a lost boy chasing after Neverland.

1. A boy likes you because you can hold a conversation, a man loves you for the words you say in the conversations.

2. A boy will tell you he loves you, a man will tell you that he loves you and then prove it with his actions.

3. A boy is possessive, a man is protective.

4. A boy makes you feel like you need to change to adjust to him, a man learns to love the differences between the two of you.

5. A boy is concerned only for his own selfish desires, a man involves you in his desires and decisions.

6. A boy is interested in your life if he gets something out of it, a man is genuinely interested because he cares to know you more on a deeper level.

7. A boy makes you feel annoying or psycho, a man assures through words and actions that you are wanted and loved.

8. A boy will push you too far, a man will respect you for wherever you draw your line physically.

9. A boy is threatened by your strong will, a man appreciates your opinions and independence.

10. A boy is jealous, a man trusts you and is confident in the fact that you’ll be with him at the end of the night. *cue “Sleep Without You”*

11. A boy looks to the world for satisfaction, a man pursues his relationship with God first and foremost to find his fulfillment.

12. A boy makes pathetic excuses, a man apologizes when he’s wrong.

13. A boy runs away when things get hard, a man fights like hell for you because you are the one he wants.

14. A boy has multiple versions of himself, a man stays true to who he is no matter who he’s with.

15. A boy gives up when you’re hard to get, a man pursues you and doesn’t stop until he finally gets you.

16. A boy makes everything confusing, a man communicates his feelings straight up and doesn’t play games.

17. A boy texts you saying, “come through,” a man will ask you on a real date.

18. A boy only sees the physical beauty, a man sees your physical beauty but the beauty of your heart is his favorite.

19. A boy thinks he already knows everything, a man knows there is always something new to learn.

20. A boy ignores everything that seems irrelevant to him personally, even if it matters to you, a man will make things that are important to you important to him.

21. A boy needs you for his image and self-esteem, a man needs you because his life wouldn’t be complete without you.

22. A boy will get mad if you question or challenge him, a man will listen to you and take your challenges as an opportunity to grow.

23. A boy doesn’t think of how his words and actions might affect you from your perspective, a man doesn’t do anything without first looking at it from your perspective.

24. A boy won’t dance with you because he’s “a bad dancer,” a man will grab your hand and spin you around regardless of his dancing capabilities just to see you smile.

25. A boy gets embarrassed from your loud laugh or jokes that only you think are funny, a man’s favorite sound is your laugh and his favorite jokes are the ones you tell.

26. A boy is passive, a man is assertive.

27. A boy doesn’t put too much thought into it, a man exerts all the effort he can.

28. A boy’s most important concern is what bar he’s going to this weekend, a man has passions and goals that he is chasing after.

29. A boy looks for a girl who’s cute and a good time, a man looks for a girl who shares the same values as him and will support him through life.

30. A boy doesn’t realize when it’s time to move on from the ex-girlfriend, a man puts the past in the past so that he can move on to the person he’s meant to do life with.

31. A boy will try to make you feel stupid, a man will encourage you and speak kindly towards you.

32. A boy tenses up in awkwardness when meeting your family, a man takes the opportunity seriously and is confident through the interactions.

33. A boy is flakey and unreliable, a man always follows through and keeps his word.

34. A boy just tells you what you want to hear, a man means what he says and says what he means.

35. A boy will wake up one day and realize he lost a diamond while messing around with rocks, a man will recognize what’s right in front of him before it’s too late.

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