Muscadine Bloodline Shows Slower Country Love Songs Still Have A Place With “WD-40”

The type of song that’ll make you feel something.

Great news, one of our favorite duos is back with a brand new single. Muscadine Bloodline has released “WD-40”, a song about a girl coming around and turning that boy’s world upside down. The lyrics are clever with lines like “your love can fix anything, like duct tape and WD-40”. When played live they get a great reaction to this song. Charlie’s growl and Gary’s harmonies just click. Dig that. The single is now available on iTunes here.  It’ll be stuck in your head for the best way possible for days. Big things coming from these guys and you damn sure heard it here first. 

Check out this preview of the song in these videos by Bo Ibbotson and follow those boys on Instagram while you’re at it.

It’s crazy how far these guys have come since we first introduced you to them almost a year ago. Proud of you, boys. Bigger and better every time.

A man and a woman


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock