An Open Love Letter To Hunting

My Dearest Hunting,

You are one of the most important things in my life. If I’m without you, I feel empty and drained but when I’m with you, I feel full of life.

You’ve taught me so much over the years that I can’t possibly think of a way to repay you. You’ve taught me that compassion and respect matters. Like that one time I wounded that doe with my bow and searched the woods for hours and hours the next day. I couldn’t fathom the possibility of that animal suffering because I selfishly took a bad shot on it. That’s a lesson that I will take with me one day when I have children and teach them the sacred tradition that I’m blessed to partake in.

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Without you I wouldn’t be as comfortable with emotions that most people can’t handle. You’ve taught me that having fear for failure is a pre-cursor to bad decision making. Because having fear makes it easier to overthink a situation, get anxious and make the wrong choice, like shooting that doe.

You’ve made me realize that being alone isn’t the worst place you to be. The valuable moments and thoughts of spirituality that I’ve derived from your presence has been a guiding light during my toughest times.

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The last thing that made me realize my love for you is how you can connect me to the past and present. The feeling of walking down trails that my family or other hunters have walked down is truly spiritual. That symmetrical feeling of crossing the same paths that your elders did many years ago makes me feel a special connection. That connection is just another reason why I can’t imagine my life without you.

With Love,

Hunters everywhere.

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A beer bottle on a dock