Imagine Your Life Without Country Music

Country music has a song for every kind of emotion or life scenario. When you take a step back and realized all of the times country music has been there, it’s hard not to say thank you.

Just imagine your life without country music. Here are 5 reasons you need to say thanks…

A group of people in the snow

1. It Can Take You To A Special Place

I’m from the Midwest and I absolutely hate winter. I hate literally everything about it, I can’t go outside or even get in my truck without being pissed off. But I can turn up some Luke Bryan-Spring Break tunes and instantly go to a happy place.

2. It Has The Ability To Make You Feel Connected

Sure, other genres have break up music but no one does it better than country music. Not only does country music have the best break up songs, they have songs about literally everything.

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3. It Delivers The Greatest Day Drinking Playlists

I can confidently speak for most of the Whiskey Riff community when I say that day drinking to country music is the best. Throwing some “bro shades” on, cranking up the Jon Pardi and gassing down 30 Busch Lights is a true American past time.

4. It Makes The Best Road Trip Music

Country music is the only music that allows you to marathon listen on a long drive. The diversity in the music is what makes it especially easy to listen to. Too much rap music and I’ll feel dirty, Too much EDM and I’ll feel like I have a hangover, Too much rock music and I’ll want to punch anyone who is annoying me on the drive.

A group of people in the snow

5. It Makes You Feel Alive

Country music has this crazy knack for making a person feel purpose. It’s not always about how many Gucci purses or bank accounts you have. It can remind you of the little things that you experience and how you should be thankful for them. Sometimes it can be about cutting it up with the boys, having a steady job and loving where you’re from.

There’s plenty more than 5 reasons, but you get the drift, now go crank it up. Espcially this Whiskey Riff ‘Saved by 90’s Country’ playlist.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock