Kenny Chesney Is King Of Nostalgic Music. 22 Songs To Prove It.

My man Kenny.

There’s no one quite like Kenny Chesney. He’s a legend. Something about his music never fails to make me feel nostalgic. Isn’t is crazy how a song can take you back to a moment just like that?

1. “There Goes My Life”

2. “Don’t Blink”

3. “The Boys Of Fall”

4. “Where I Grew Up”

5. “Reality”

6. “Somewhere With You”

7. “Young”

8. “Summertime”

9. “Down The Road”

10. “Anything But Mine”

11. “I Go Back”

12. “Never Wanted Nothing¬†More”

13. “This Is Our Moment”

14. “Better As A Memory”

15. “You Save Me”

16. “The Road And The Radio”

17. “Keg In The Closet”

18. “Never Gonna Feel That Way Again”

19. “Don’t Happen Twice”

20. “Back Where I Come From”

21. “That’s Why I’m Here”

22. “Live Those Songs”


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A beer bottle on a dock