Kenny Chesney Is King Of Nostalgic Music. 22 Songs To Prove It.

My man Kenny.

There’s no one quite like Kenny Chesney. He’s a legend. Something about his music never fails to make me feel nostalgic. Isn’t is crazy how a song can take you back to a moment just like that?

1. “There Goes My Life”

2. “Don’t Blink”

3. “The Boys Of Fall”

4. “Where I Grew Up”

5. “Reality”

6. “Somewhere With You”

7. “Young”

8. “Summertime”

9. “Down The Road”

10. “Anything But Mine”

11. “I Go Back”

12. “Never Wanted Nothing More”

13. “This Is Our Moment”

14. “Better As A Memory”

15. “You Save Me”

16. “The Road And The Radio”

17. “Keg In The Closet”

18. “Never Gonna Feel That Way Again”

19. “Don’t Happen Twice”

20. “Back Where I Come From”

21. “That’s Why I’m Here”

22. “Live Those Songs”


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