28 Little Things That Will Make Your Girl Smile

Guys. It doesn’t have to be complicated, I promise. Girls really do appreciate little gestures more than you know. 

1. Buy her flowers.

2. Learn or do something she likes just because she likes it.

3. Tell her a song reminds you of her.

4. FOOD.

5. Pick her a flower.

6. Put your hand on her back, leg, anywhere just to remind her that you’re there.

7. Let her know you’re thinking of her.

8. Let her take the aux.

9. Make her laugh.

10. Check in with her if she’s sick or having a bad day.

11. Randomly kiss her.

12. Listen to her. Actually listen.

13. Reassure her.

14. Remember small details she tells you.

15. Plan a fun date.

16. Cook for her.

17. Make an effort to get to know her friends.

18. Ask her opinion.

19. Follow through. Don’t be unreliable.

20. Stand up for her.

21. Introduce her to your friends.

22. Give her your hoodie.

23. Sing with her.

24. Dance around with her even if there’s no music.

25. Rub her back.

26. Effort alone speaks volumes so at least try.

27. Open the door for her.

28. Love her and pursue her like she’s leaving.

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