Sturgill Simpson: “I Listen To Just About Everything Except Country Music…”

Today was a big day for country outlaw Sturgill Simpson.

He was nominated for Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs. He’s in a group with Adele, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber. How nice is it to see Sturgill’s name in that group? He sat down with the New York Times and shed some light on how he handled the news, and his viewpoints on music.

When asked about the other artists he’s competing against for best album…

“I loved ‘Lemonade.’ I thought it was genius. I love the Adele record. I really, really wish, honestly, and no shit— I would’ve liked to see Frank Ocean’s name where mine is. But that’s not my place to say. I totally understand [his protest]. I just thought that record [‘Blonde’] was really groundbreaking. I listen to just about everything except country music, so it’s strange.”

He was also asked what he said to his band…

“I told them, ‘So much for time off.’ I had completely planned to take the next year, or possibly 18 months, completely off. I was so certain that when the tour wrapped up, we were done. But it might be a good idea to go play some shows again, I don’t know, given how many millions of people are saying, ‘Who the fuck is Sturgill Simpson?’ as of this morning.”

We all know what Simpson thinks of the Nashville machine and mainstream country music, but it’s still a surprise to hear him flat out say he barely listens to the genre…

And if he does, I’m betting it’s guys like Isbell and Stapleton.

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