Marty Ray’s “I Ain’t Ready” Showed Me A Perspective I Hadn’t Considered Before. Here’s How.

As a girl, it’s sometimes hard to recognize or understand when a guy simply isn’t ready.

A girl’s mind immediately jumps to conclude that if he’s not ready now, he never will be. Or maybe she’ll assume he just doesn’t like her or he doesn’t like her enough because he’s not taking the relationship any further. Here’s the thing that I always struggle to understand, he does care and he does want to take it further but his heart just isn’t in the same place as yours.

It sucks because the timing is off but really its a blessing in disguise. You don’t want a man’s heart if you only get half of it. You deserve the whole thing and it’s worth waiting for. Obviously, I’m NOT saying wait around for him but I am saying find understanding from where he’s coming from because you’ve probably been there before.

I guess the ‘badass, pistol Miranda Lambert’ side of me wants to just say,“Screw you! It’s now or never. You’re going to miss your chance.” However, when I take a step back, I realize that I shouldn’t say those things because then that would be me pushing for my timing instead of God’s. If I really wanted to say those things to him just because he isn’t ready, then maybe my heart is the one that needs more time to heal and soften up.

If I expect a full heart from him then he should expect the same from me. Challenge yourself to find joy and better yourself in the time of waiting. If he ends up being the one then great, I hope he’s ready the second time around. And If he doesn’t end up being the one, then I hope you used your time of waiting to your advantage.

Thanks for writing “I Ain’t Ready” Marty Ray, it showed me a different perspective I hadn’t really considered before that I’m sure a lot of other folks could relate to.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock