Why You Should Probably Thank Lauren Alaina For Kane Brown

Who would’ve thought?

Kane Brown’s debut album tells the story of his incredible journey, and one person who deserves an extra special shout out for helping him get where he is none other than Lauren Alaina.

What are the odds that the two attended middle school together and were in the same choir class, and Lauren encouraged Kane to break out of his shell and sing.

“I’m shy off stage, but back then I was real shy anywhere,” Kane explained. “And we were in choir together, and she just told me, ‘You need to sing. I feel like you can sing.’ So I did, and it got me here, so I credit her.”

“He was really shy and he wouldn’t sing in chorus class, and I said, ‘Come on, Kane, I think you could be a good singer,’ and then he started singing, and now look at him,” said Lauren in an interview.

“The world can thank me!” she joked. I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously pretty thankful for Lauren.

Awww. Check out Lauren lending her vocals to Kane’s “What If’s”:


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A beer bottle on a dock