You’ll Never Guess Which Miley Cyrus Song Cam Wrote

Country cutie Cam is probably the last person I would ever think of when it comes to “Bangerz.”

But as it turns out, Cam recently confessed to people that Miley Cyrus is actually her favorite artist she’s written for. In a recent interview with People magazine, Cam confessed that she managed to “sneak” on to Miley’s 2013 album, Bangerz, by pitching her “Maybe You’re Right” at the last minute.

“It was right before the album came out, and I think that’s how you sneak onto albums. At the very end, you’re like the shiny new song. So it worked out.”

And I’m glad it did, because personally, it’s one of my absolute favorites on that album. You go, Cam.

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A beer bottle on a dock