The Ultimate Country Girl Christmas List

Don’t know what you want for Christmas?

Well I’ve got a few ideas that would be perfect to add to the list this year. Although the holidays aren’t all about what you ask for or what you receive, it’s always nice to get something you want every once in a while.

Ladies, here is your Ultimate Country Girl Christmas List.

1. A good pair of boots.


A new, quality pair of boots is always nice to have. You could go for a new pair of work boots, or a pair for going out. When in doubt, boots are always a go-to option for a nice gift.

2. Vests.


Keep your self fashionable, all while staying warm.

3. Boot socks.


If you are anything like me, I literally ALWAYS need socks. If you are wanting to go the more stylish route, socks that go above your boots are all the rage. Bottom line, you can never go wrong having many pairs of warm, cozy socks.

4. Hats.

The Whiskey Riff Shop has some stunners. Click here.


Hats are a necessity for every country gal. Pick out a new one or two to put on the list.

5. Graphic tees. (get this beauty here)


Perfect for concerts, layering, or everyday wear.

6. Pullovers.


With the weather getting colder, having many pullover/sweatshirt options is essential. I personally love the fuzzy pullovers. They are the coziest things, I swear.

7. Replace your work clothes with new ones.

You deserve a new Carhart or a pair of muck boots. Although these things may not be exactly what you want for Christmas, you know they will be put to good use.

photo cred: @dert_babe

8. Huntin’, fishin’, and shootin’ gear.


We love to do it, so get yourself some more gear.

9. Beer and whiskey.


Booze it always a great option.

10. Jewelry.


I feel like I’m always in need of some good jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets… you name it.

11. Jeans.


You can always use another pair of jeans.

12. Craft stuff for DIY projects.


Holiday breaks are a perfect time to get a little crafty, so stock up!

13. Concert tickets.


Go see the artist you have been dying to see. This gift and the memories that will come with it are priceless.

14. A cooler.


You can get a cute cooler that is all yours.

15. Cups or mugs to keep your drinks cold.


I probably have 10 tumblers but I can always use another.

16. Anything american themed.


‘Cause ‘merica.

17. Belts.

No one ever really thinks about asking for belts, but they are a great necessity to get.

18. Winter accessories.


Hats, scarves, gloves.

19. Whiskey Riff gear.


This one should most definitely be on the list this year. HERE is where you can find some.

Find out what HE wants for Christmas here.

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