Granger Smith Is Walking 100 Miles In Honor Of Fallen Soldiers

Country music artist and proud patriot Granger Smith is lacing up his combat boots once again for his fifth annual Boot Walk.
For 2017, Granger is calling for families and friends of fallen soldiers to submit their stories to be shared through a documentary series. Five candidates will be chosen to be featured and Granger will walk 20-miles in solitude to honor of each of them (totaling 100 miles); telling their personal story along the way. **The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 28.**

Since 2011, Granger has logged 400 miles as a tribute to those serving our country in the U.S. Armed Forces through The Boot Walk. Earlier this year, Granger embarked on a patriotic “Pledge of Allegiance” tour which took him to all 13 original colonies plus Washington, D.C. in just two days where he urged fans to join him in reciting our country’s pledge in front of national landmarks. He reminds us everyday to support our troops and show our appreciation for preserving our freedom. He has performed overseas numerous times and continues to do all he can to keep our military men and women on the forefront of our hearts and minds.

Visit for details on how to submit a fallen soldier.

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