Cole Swindell’s “The Way Your Lovin’ Me Now” Is One Of The Most Underrated Sexy Country Songs

Damn. If you missed this heat wave, you’re going to want to catch up to it ASAP.

“The Way Your Lovin’ Me Now” from Cole Swindell‘s first Down Home Sessions album is possibly one of the most underrated songs. If you need a song that has a fun upbeat tempo with lyrics that will blow your mind then you need to hear this song. It’s been blaring through my speakers since it came out back in 2014 and I still have it goin’ to this day. The lyrics are FIRE yall.

I mean seriously. From the getgo of the song he gives us this…

“I knew when the seatbelt come undone
And I knew when you would flip the console up
And move my daddy’s gun”

Then just when you think it can’t get any more hot he hits us with the chorus…

“The way you’re lookin’ in my eyes
With your hair falling down
Way out here high on this hill
With the lights off and the back drop of our little town
Baby it ain’t no way I’m ever coming down
From the way you’re loving me now”

So there you have it… a little taste of what the song has to offer. If you’re feelin’ it, crank the volume, get your ass in your truck and go grab your girl.


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