See What It’s Like Being Front Row For Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher & Jobe Fortner

Couple of crowd pleasers. 

Getting front row for a show can be tough. You have to be real dedicated. Since most of us here gotta stay near the bar we have to forgo that experience. This fan video shows gives you a look at what it’s like being front row for a show with Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher and Jobe Fortner and man you can feel that energy. Combs’ guitarist Rob “Rowdy” Williford really lives up to his nickname by pumping that crowd up even more as well. I was actually at this show and Athens, Georgia is a rowdy bunch. Just picture over a thousand people singing this together at the famous Georgia Theatre. Check it out below and if you need any convincing to see these guys live, this might do it. This is how you cover “Friends In Low Places”. *Caution: Chance of beer showers is quite high*

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