If You’ve Loved A Girl With A Roaming, Wild Heart You’ll Relate To Miranda Lambert’s “Getaway Driver”

Miranda nails it with this one.


Have you ever met a girl with reckless tendencies, a roaming spirit who seems to keep you on your toes hanging around? That’s the girl Miranda Lambert sings about in her new song. “Getaway Driver” is a song a lot of guys could relate to. Do these lyrics sound like a familiar story?

“When she’s feeling reckless
Tangled in her messes
Wild eyes lookin’ for a chase
There’s nothing white lines can’t erase”

“So I keep the engine running
She’ll be my gasoline
She treats my heart like a stolen car
All the while she had the keys
Standing in the line of fire
I’ll be standing right beside her
I’m her getaway driver”

Listen to the full song here now!


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