George Strait & Jamey Johnson Give Country Radio A Middle Finger With “Kicked Outta Country”

George Strait and Jamey Johnson are sending an in-your-face message with their new song, “Kicked Outta Country.” The two hold nothing back with a lyrical dig at country radio, and the greats that are phased out.

I just got the news today, the record I sent them they threw it away
It don’t fit the format, don’t make the list
They said I’m too old, won’t even be missed

It happened to Jones, and even The Hag
Willie and Waylon, and the great Johnny Cash
They all got kicked outta country back then
But then one day country came calling again

“Kicked Outta Country” appears on the new Strait Out of the Box Part 2 box set.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock