Dustin Huff Shows What He’s Got With New EP ‘Rebels Like Me’

A first look on newcomer Dustin Huff’s new music.

Dustin Huff, or ‘Ol Huff as his friends call him, is one of those guys who knows how to have a good time. His most recent single “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em” is a boot stomper party starter tailgate song. Dustin had a wild streak growing up, which is where he pulls inspiration from. The title track “Rebels Like Me” tells the true story of Dustin getting in some trouble with the police on his high school graduation. “I was a hometown hell raiser, the trouble maker kid. People just associated me with getting into trouble. I showed up to my high school graduation and the principal asked me if I’d been drinking and actually called the cops. They arrested me (in my cap and gown) even though I wasn’t drunk. I laugh about it now and wrote the song while I was sitting in jail. Who gets arrested at their high school graduation? Rebels like me, man. It’s definitely a kick ya in the mouth banger of a song,” Dustin told me.

When asked what made him make the jump and move to Music City Dustin said “I’m from small town Greensburg, Indiana and my dad was always in a band with old school music. I’d go on the road with them and that sparked my passion for it. I picked up a guitar at 12 and learned to play. The song writing started around when I was 14 and it was go to college or go to Nashville, and I picked the music route.”

Another favorite off of Rebels Like Me is “When I Think About Us”. “It’s a song about driving by old places you used to go with an ex and when you come back, those memories are there. Remembering the good times, when she left, things like that. I wrote that with Joseph Costa and it’s one of my top songs I’ve ever written.” – Huff

Check out the title track “Rebels Like Me”, “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em” and “When I Think About Us” below and pick up the EP on iTunes here.

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