High Valley’s “She’s With Me” Perfectly Describes Being With A Girl Out Of Your League

Just in time for the Thanksgiving season.

When going around the table this year at Thanksgiving, are you going to be grateful for that special someone in your life? Now don’t you wish there was a way to tell her how much you really are thankful for her? Don’t worry, I got ya covered. High Valley’s “She’s With Me” has the perfect upbeat to keep it fun while also being meaningful.

“Ain’t she amazing, amazing, out of my league?
And ain’t it crazy, crazy, she happened to me?”

I mean c’mon??? Those lines alone from the song will have your girl’s heart drowning in butterflies. Show her how thankful you are and how much you care for her this holiday season by dishing out this banger of a song.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock