8 Ways Granger Smith’s “Remington” Sums Up The Kind Of Man I’m Waiting To Find

If any of you ladies out there are like me then you’ll know what I feel when I hear this song.

Granger Smith‘s “Remington” basically sums up the man I’m waiting to find. Here’s how…

1. “You can take a shot, if you wanna try it.”

I’m looking at this lyric in a few different ways. The interpretation I got personally is that the guy is offering her a shot if she wants one just like the lyrics say clearly. This reminds me of the time I was with a guy who never noticed if I needed another drink or not. That sounds like such a stupid, petty little thing and honestly I never really noticed it about him until the next guy.

The next guy I went out with  noticed every single time I was done with my beer. He immediately would go get me another without me asking. Something as small as that took me by surprise but showed that he pays attention and cares. The way he acts in the little things often transfer to the bigger things as well.

2. “Ain’t too fancy but you just might like it.”

Let’s get this clear. I am not a fancy girl, therefore I don’t need or want a fancy man. I’m fine with the cheapest beer in the store, a raft as my boat, and the woods as my shelter. If my man isn’t at least a little similar in that way, it won’t work.

3. “If strong as steel in your daddy’s rifle”

A man who knows how to use a gun is very important. Even more important, a man who knows my daddy has a gun that he’s not afraid to use if he breaks my heart.

4. “And faith as real as your family bible is what you need.”

A man of faith absolutely trumps every other characteristic this song speaks to. There is nothing more attractive to me than a man who pursues not only me but the Lord.

5. “I’m one of a kind. I’m tough as you can find.”

A man who sticks to his guns in every situation and doesn’t sway when he feels overwhelmed by outside pressure is an important quality. I like my men tough but also sweet. (Don’t overlook the sweet part fellas.)

6. “And girl I’ll fit right in the palm of your hand. If a fire and passion, good old fashioned son of a gun is what you’re after you’ve got you one. I’m a remington.”

A man with the perfect amount of fire and passion in the relationship as well as old fashioned chivalry is incredibly RARE and HOT. This one is hard to find. Usually, guys have way more passion and fire than the good ole’ fashioned stuff and that can be a huge turnoff. Don’t forget what your momma taught you boys!

7. “I can be stubborn and lock up sometimes but I’ll loosen on up if you hold me just right.”

This guy can own up to his faults and knows how to deal with yours. To a man like this, you are his saving grace. All he needs is your love to be okay again. That my friends is a Remington.

8. “Put me on a bullseye baby I’m dead on. I can be the rock you can lean your head on. When your world get’s dark I’ll be your spark.”

This is what relationships are for. Life without relation would be nearly impossible. The hard times would be a million times harder if it wasn’t for the shoulder you thankfully had to cry on. Find a man who will stand by your side and be your strength when you can’t find any. Don’t fall for a man who’s perfect in the good times but runs in the bad.

Usually, a guy like the one this song describes is way too good to be true. You might think you found your ‘Remington’ then something comes up that ruins it all. The good news to a sad ending with someone else is that through that heartbreak you are one step closer to finding the one you’re meant to be with. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Your only job is to trust it and walk in faith.

So to all the ‘Remington’ men out there, don’t keep us all waiting.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock