14 Of Dierks Bentley’s Sexiest Songs

Sexy might as well be Dierks Bentley’s middle name.

He has the perfect rustic country boy charm with a side of rock n’ roll that makes for one hell of a guy. His music never gets old and over the years he’s always stayed true to himself.


The emotions his music creates ranges from feel good tailgate songs to songs for getting drunk,  to other songs for the stone cold sober moments to some that will turn the heat up. Most of my favorite “sexy” songs in country music happen to come from Dierks.

These are 14 of Dierks Bentley’s sexiest songs…

1. “Black”

2. “I’ll Be The Moon”

3. “Say You Do”

4. “In My Head”

5. “Breathe You In”

6. “Feel That Fire”

7. “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes”

8. “Come A Little Closer”

9. “Soon As You Can”

10. “Here She Comes”

11. “Pick Up”

12. “What Was I Thinkin'”

13. “Sweet And Wild”

14. “Pretty Girls”

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